About Us

About Us

Saffron Star International is a world-leading aviation fuel consultancy.

We are a business which supplies technical and commercial services to the aviation fuel sector.


With our industry in the midst of consolidations, downsizing and fundamental changes, our team of experienced aviation fuel consultants and partners drive increased compliance and heightened security, as well as business efficiency and cost savings.


Our clients have included:

  • Menzies Aviation, a division of John Menzies Plc
  • SAR-Trilogy LLC
  • World Fuel Corporation
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Universal Weather and Aviation Inc
  • McKinsey and Co.

We have also guided other companies in the technical aspects of bid preparation for UN and NATO tenders.


We are a member of the British Aviation Group (BAG) and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). We work to Joint Inspection Group (JIG) standards.


Saffron Star International Aviation Fuel Consultancy was founded by John Digby in 2010, the name inspired by ‘Saffron’ from his time working in India and the Texas ‘Star’, his home during his assignment in the USA.

Benefits of Working with Saffron Star

  • Increased compliance
  • Improved safety
  • Operational efficiency
  • Better skills
  • Cost savings.